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Big change starts with small steps

Build good habits. Break bad habits. Be awesome.

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Don't set goals, build habits

Do you remember the last time you wanted to achieve something? You may have started strong, but after some time, maybe you lost motivation. Here is our tip – instead of setting goals, start improving your regular habits. Small and easy changes will compound into remarkable results. With our app, you will get better every day and achieve the kind of success that lasts.

Build good habits, break bad ones

Want to improve your reading, spend more time with family, or reduce your coffee consumption? Possibilities are unlimited. Get inspiration from our pre-defined templates or add your custom habit.

Achieve your daily, weekly, and monthly goals

Using a simple overview, you can easily manage all your goals and see your achievements.
Overachieved your goal? You can track that too.

Track your progress

Browse history, check out your stats, and see how you’ve improved over time.
Didn't have time to track a previous day? No problem, you can easily update any record in the past.

Reminders, app badge, and widgets

2,500+ icons & emojis for your habits

Dark mode and appearance customization

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Apple Health support

Siri shortcuts

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You're just one step away from changing your life.

Download free for iOS
Also available for iPad, Mac and Apple Watch